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A hosted call center is a software solution that handles inbound and outbound calling, as well as IVR interactions through a single system. Hosted call center systems are great alternatives to traditional call centers because they’re web-based and cost-efficient. There’s no need to worry about maintaining servers, buying hardware, or installing external software.

Why should you use a hosted call center?

Excellent phone support is the cornerstone of every successful business. Even though traditional call centers are slowly becoming obsolete and replaced by the likes of call center software or hosted call centers, phone support is still in high demand.

In fact, according to the CFI Group, 76% of all consumers prefer phone support over digital means such as emails, online contact forms, and social media. As such, it’s important to cater to the majority of your customers by providing quick, personalized, and knowledgeable phone service.

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How can you use a hosted call center?

A call center like LiveAgent offers its users tons of modern and professional call center features, including:

  • Sissetulevad kõned
  • Väljatulevad kõned
  • Sisekõned
  • IVR (interaktiivne häälvastus) tehnoloogia
  • Kõnejärjekord
  • Automaatne tagasihelistamine
  • Järelvalvega kõnede suunamine
  • Automatic call routing / automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Videokõned
  • Piiramatu kõnede salvestamine
  • Mitmed toetatud kõneseadmed, sh telefonitarkvara (SoftPhone)
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Lisaks sellele pakuvad paljud majutatud kõnekeskused ka selliseid lisafunktsioone nagu:

  • Sisseehitatud CRM tarkvara
  • Multichannel ticketing
  • Sisemine/välimine teadmusbaas
  • Usaldusväärne aruandlus, kõneanalüüs ja aja jälgimine
  • Ja palju muud!

The hosted call center is a modern type of technology that does not require any additional third-party app to function. In fact, call center solutions are built to maximize workflow efficiency and cost savings and thus include all the features and benefits of traditional help desk software.

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What are the benefits of using hosted call centers?

Improved customer satisfaction

Hästi korraldatud majutatud kõnekeskuse tarkvara koos IVR-menüüde, automaatsete tagasikutsumiste ja juhendatud kõne suunamisega saab parandada klientide rahulolu. Kliendid soovivad ootejärjekorras ootamise jaoks valikuvõimalusi. Samuti tahavad nad teada, kuhu nad suunatakse ja saada abi isegi siis, kui inimene, kellele nad edasi suunatakse, on hõivatud.

Having a comprehensive hosted call center like LiveAgent in your arsenal is the best thing you can do to keep your customers happy call after call.

Kliendid ei ole traditsiooniliste kõnekeskustega rahul. Kasutage selle asemel virtuaalset kõnekeskust!

Faster resolution times

Having a hosted call center that’s equipped with an IVR system can help you improve your resolution times. By empowering your customers to choose which department they need to speak to, you’re eliminating the middle man that usually picks up a phone, listens to what the customer needs, and only then routes the caller to the appropriate department or representative.

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Great cost savings

Hosted call centers cost a fraction of the price of a traditional call center. The only thing you need to pay for is your monthly subscription and your VOIP phone number. You pay for real-time usage only. There are no extra per-minute charges or hidden fees. 

Lisaks sellele ei ole vaja maksta rendi, kalli riistvara, elektri ja muu eest. Kõnekeskusele saab juurdepääsu ka igast arvutist või nutitelefonist, millel on internetiühendus. 

Parandage oma majutatud kõnekeskuse tulemuslikkust aja jooksul

Improved customer efficiency

Hosted call centers like LiveAgent are equipped with additional features and integrations that can improve agent efficiency. Because your agents can access all customer info from their call interface, they won’t have to waste any time looking for past conversations, contact details, and more.

Greater flexibility

Hosted call centers give your agents freedom and flexibility. Working from home or remotely is a completely viable option. Your agents will no longer have to sit in the office or in front of the computer. They won’t even have to have a designated device. They can simply forward calls to their personal devices answer calls on the go. Doesn’t that sound great?

How can you set up a hosted call center in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent’i majutatud kõnekeskuse saab sisse seada mõne minutiga. 

1. Logige sisse oma LiveAgen’i kontole ja klõpsake Kõne.

2. Klõpsake Numbrid

3. Klõpsake oranži Loo nuppu

4. Select your VOIP provider (the VOIP provider from which you’ve purchased your phone number)

5. Sisestage nimi (ükskõik milline, selleks, et te numbrit mäletaksite).

6. Valige osakond, kuhu sellele telefoninumbrile saabuvad kõned suunatakse

7. Sisestage valimise eesliide

8. Märkige ruut Salvesta kõned, kui soovite salvestada kõik sellelt telefoninumbrilt sissetulevad/väljaminevad kõned.

9. Sisestage oma VOIP-teenusepakkuja andmed (host-nimi, kasutajanimi, parool)

10. Klõpsage Lisa

Kui telefoninumber on edukalt lisatud ja aktiivne, on selle kõrval roheline täpp.

11. Seejärel, klõpsage Muuda nuppu ja klõpsake IVR.


Seadistage oma IVR- ja tervitussõnumid selle juhendi abil IVR (tervitussõnumid/offline-sõnumid).

12. Kui olete IVR-i seadistamise lõpetanud, klõpsake Seadistamine.

13. Klõpsake Kõne

14. Klõpsake Seaded

15. 15. Muutke seadeid vastavalt oma eelistustele ja klõpsake Salvesta.

16. Kasutage seda juhendit, et lisada oma riist- ja tarkvaratelefonid ekraanile Seadmed.

17. Next, forward this guide to your agents so they can set up preferred devices for answering calls

How does it look like/work in practice?

LiveAgent is a call center solutions provider that guarantees a great user experience. Call center software is flexible, scalable, and can be accessed from any computer or phone with internet access. It can be used by multiple users at once and customized to fit your business needs. The system is affordable, easy to use, and has reliable uptime. Check out how it works in the video below.

Youtube video: Call Center Software Demo | LiveAgent

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Frequently asked questions

What is a hosted call center?

A hosted call center is a software solution that handles inbound and outbound calling, as well as IVR interactions through a single system.

Why should I use a hosted call center?

Hosted call center systems are great alternatives to traditional call centers because they’re web-based and cost-efficient. There’s no need to worry about maintaining servers, buying hardware, or installing external software.

What features are included in a hosted call center?

Inbound calling, Outbound calling, Internal calls, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology, Call queuing, Automatic callbacks, Attended transfers, Automatic call routing / automatic call distribution (ACD), Video calls, Unlimited call recordings.

How can a hosted call center benefit your business?

A hosted call center can improve your customer’s satisfaction, improve response times, improve agent efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and give you and your agents more flexibility.

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