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Lojaalsusprogrammi e-posti mallid

Kuigi klientide hankimine võib tunduda ettevõtete jaoks parem investeering, on arvukad uuringud tõestanud, et pikas perspektiivis võib uute klientide meelitamine Teie ettevõttele kuni 7 korda rohkem maksta kui olemasolevate klientide hoidmine. Klientide hoidmisel võivad püsikliendiprogrammid olla võimas tööriist, mis innustab neid tagasi tulema, vähendab klientide loobumissagedust ja suurendab Teie üldist müüki.. Seda artiklit lugedes saate leiate, miks tasub lojaalsusprogrammidesse investeerida, ning 10 meilimalli näidet, mida saate oma püsikliendiprogrammi turunduskampaaniates kasutada.

Mis on püsikliendiprogramm?

Kliendi lojaalsusprogramm on preemiaprogramm, mida ettevõte pakub oma klientidele, et julgustada neid teatud eeliseid pakkudes rohkem ostma. Need võivad hõlmata allahindlusi, tasuta kaupu, eelavaldatud tooteid, eksklusiivseid hüvesid või muid olulisi preemiaid. Kuigi neid kasutatakse sageli uute klientide meelitamiseks, on püsikliendiprogrammide esmane eesmärk hoida olemasolevaid kliente, edendada lojaalsust ja julgustada brändi propageerimist.

Püsikliendi preemia e-posti mall Sephora
Sephora lojaalsusprogrammi “Beauty Insider” sünnipäevameil

Miks lojaalsusprogrammi turundus on oluline?

Mitmesugused klientide lojaalsust käsitlevad uuringud näitasid, et püsikliendiprogrammid võivad pakkuda klientidele tohutut väärtust, mis tahes ärivaldkonnas. Siin on vaid paar muljetavaldavat statistikat, mida mainida:

  • 71% X-põlvkonnast, 70% milleenialitest, 63% beebibuumiajast ja 62% Z-põlvkonnast ütlevad, et lojaalsusprogramm mõjutab nende brändivalikuid. (CrowdTwist)
  • 80% K-põlvkonnast, 43% Milleenialitest, 76% X-põlvkonnast ja 53% beebibuumi põlvkonna elanikest ütlevad, et lojaalsusprogramm suurendab nende ostude sagedust. (Rare)
  • 71% tarbijatest, kes on lojaalsusprogrammide liikmed, ütlevad, et liikmelisus on oluline osa nende suhetest ettevõtetega. (Bond)
  • 73% tarbijatest soovitavad tõenäolisemalt brände, millel on head lojaalsusprogrammid. (Bond)
  • Tarbijad kulutavad 37% rohkem, kui nad on püsikliendiprogrammi liige. (Bond)
  • 95% ettevõtetest teatas, et nende lojaalsusprogrammi liikmed kulutavad aastas rohkem kui nende mitteliikmed. (LoyaltyOne)
  • Püsikliendiprogrammi liikmed teenivad aastas 12–18% rohkem tulu kui mitteliikmed. (Accenture)
  • Keskmiselt moodustavad lojaalsusprogrammi liikmed 43% ettevõtete aastakäibest. (LoyaltyOne)

10 püsikliendiprogrammi meilimalli

iVendi küsitlusest selgus, et peaaegu 63% tarbijatest üle maailma eelistavad saada ettevõtetelt e-posti teel teateid – see teeb e-postist ühe tõhusaima kanali püsikliendiprogrammi liikmelisuse kasvatamiseks. Siin on 10 põhimalli, mida saate oma püsikliendiprogrammi meilikampaaniates kasutada, et parandada klientide seotust ja luua nendega paremaid pikaajalisi suhteid ning suurendada müüki. 

E-posti mallide kohandamine
Salvestage ja kohandage meilimalle LiveAgentis

Uue püsikliendiprogrammi alustamise meilimall

Hi [Name],

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new [Loyalty Program Name]. We’ve added lots of exciting and exclusive rewards to say thank you to our amazing customers, like you!

Earn [X] points for every $** you spend [online and/or in-store] to unlock exclusive rewards.

[Reward Title 1] – [***] points to redeem
[Reward Title 2] – [***] points to redeem
[Reward Title 3] – [***] points to redeem


Have a question? We’re here to help. Contact us today or visit our FAQs.

Püsikliendiprogrammi e-posti kutse mall


Welcome to [Business name] and thank you for signing up! Please enjoy 15% OFF your first purchase at [www.website.com]. Just enter [code] at checkout.


By the way, did you know about all the exclusive perks that you can receive for joining our loyalty program? Just to name a few …

[Benefit #1]
[Benefit #2]
[Benefit #3]

If you have any questions or ever need help, feel free to email us at [email address], call us at [phone number] or visit our FAQs.


Püsikliendiprogrammi tervitusmeili mall


Welcome to [Loyalty Program Name] Rewards! Now you can earn points every time you shop online or in our stores. Redeem your points for fun rewards, like free products and special discounts.

As a thank you for joining [Business’s] Loyalty Program, we have credited you with 50 points, and you are now on your way to your first reward.

100 points are all you need to get your first free product/ discount – here are two quick ways to get there:

Like our Facebook page (50 points)
Follow [Brand] on Instagram (50 points)

When you’re done, you can check your points balance and find more ways to earn points by visiting our website.

If you have any questions or need help – feel free to email us at [email address] or give us a call at [phone number].

Thanks for becoming part of our community!

Järgmine preemiataseme teavituse meilimall


We hardly need to tell you that the more points you earn, the more you get. You are now only ** $/ ** points away from [Loyalty Program Name] Gold Level Rewards! At this level you’ll enjoy:

[Benefit #1]
[Benefit #2]
[Benefit #3]

Earning more points is easy!

Place an order: ** points
Refer a friend: ** points
Follow us on social media: ** points
Make a product review: ** points

Thanks for your continued loyalty.

Taseme staatuse saavutamise meilimall


We’re thrilled to report that you just leveled up to our [tier name] tier!

You’re about to enjoy exclusive opportunities, including early access to [tier name]-only sales throughout the year, and even more points for every single purchase you make.


Enjoy, and thanks for being an amazing customer!

Igakuise preemia väljavõtte e-kirja mall


Thanks for being a loyal [Loyalty Program Name] member! Check out your monthly membership statement below.

Status: Active Member
Points balance: ***
Expiring points: *** points expiring on [dd/mm/yy]
Points to next level: ***

Earn even more points when you shop our special deals now through [date].


Got questions? We’ve got answers! Visit our FAQs to see if we’ve covered your question, call us at [number] or start a live chat with our service reps.


Preemia aegumise meeldetuletuse e-kirja mall

Dear [Name],

This is just a friendly reminder that your [Customer Loyalty Rewards Program] points will expire at the end of the year (December 31st, 2020). Make sure to redeem your points on any order before this date– they will not roll over into 2021!

Your current balance is ***points.


Any questions or issues? Send us a message – we’re always happy to help!

Kliendi uuesti kaasamise meili mall

Hi [Name],

We just wanted you to know that WE MISSED YOU since we haven’t seen you in a while. So we’ve decided to credit your account with *** points!


The more points you earn, the more benefits you get access to. Here’s a quick reminder of how to earn more points:

SHOP: Spend $** and get ** points
REFER FRIENDS: Get ** points when they place their first order
FACEBOOK: Like our Facebook page and get ** points
INSTAGRAM: Follow us on Instagram and get ** points

Have questions or need help redeeming your points? We would be more than happy to assist you via [email], [phone number], or live chat.

Thank you for being a [Brand] customer and part of our family.

Viitamise meili mall

[copy button="yes"]

You’ve been a valued member of [Brand’s] loyalty program for [period of time] now. Don’t you think it’s time you let the world know? We’ll reward you if you do!

Give $** and get ** points when you refer a friend


Send your below unique $** discount code to your friends
Your friend gets $** off their purchase
You get ** Rewards Points when your friend completes their purchase

Your current rewards points balance is: ***


Copy and paste this code and share amongst friends: CODE

Any questions or issues? We’re always here to help. Thanks for being an awesome customer!

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks e-kirja mall

Dear [Name],

From all of us at [Company], we wanted to take a moment to wish you the happiest of birthdays! Here’s another reason to celebrate: we’ve just added [reward amount] points to your account!


Thanks for being a loyal customer and we hope you enjoy your special day.


Lojaalsusprogrammi e-post – korduma kippuvad küsimused

Kuidas ma saan oma lojaalsusprogrammi reklaamida?

Saate oma püsikliendiprogrammi reklaamida, saates oma püsikliendiprogrammi liikmetele e-kirju. Lisaks saate anda neile lingi oma lojaalsusprogrammi sisselogimiseks.

Kuidas mõõdate lojaalsusprogrammi edukust?

Lojaalsusprogrammi edu mõõtmiseks on palju viise. Saate mõõta programmis osalevate inimeste arvu, programmi kasulikuks pidanud inimeste arvu ja soovitusi genereerinud inimeste arvu.

Milline on püsikliendiprogrammi meili optimaalne pikkus?

lojaalsusprogrammi meili optimaalne pikkus peaks olema umbes 1000-1500 sümbolit (umbes 100-150 sõna).

Free templates and a free trial?

That's right! Enjoy a free 14-day trial on us. Test all that LiveAgent has to offer, including email templates and canned messages.

{ “@context”: “https://schema.org”, “@type”: “FAQPage”, “mainEntity”: [{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Kuidas ma saan oma lojaalsusprogrammi reklaamida?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Saate oma püsikliendiprogrammi reklaamida, saates oma püsikliendiprogrammi liikmetele e-kirju. Lisaks saate anda neile lingi oma lojaalsusprogrammi sisselogimiseks.” } }, { “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Kuidas mõõdate lojaalsusprogrammi edukust?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Lojaalsusprogrammi edu mõõtmiseks on palju viise. Saate mõõta programmis osalevate inimeste arvu, programmi kasulikuks pidanud inimeste arvu ja soovitusi genereerinud inimeste arvu.” } }, { “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Milline on püsikliendiprogrammi meili optimaalne pikkus?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “lojaalsusprogrammi meili optimaalne pikkus peaks olema umbes 1000-1500 sümbolit (umbes 100-150 sõna).” } }] }
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