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Uuendamise e-posti mallid

Oma praeguse kliendibaasi säilitamine ja pikaajaliste kliendisuhete säilitamine pole kunagi olnud ettevõtete jaoks kriitilisem, eriti nende jaoks, kellel on tellimustel põhinevad ja igakuised korduvad tulumudelid. Hästi kirjutatud ja strateegiliselt saadetud uuenduste meeldetuletusmeilid võivad Teie olemasolevate klientide kaasamisel palju kaasa aidata, julgustada neid Teie brändile truuks jääma, parandada püsivust ja vähendada klientide kadumise arvu. Järgmine artikkel pakub 10 uuendamise e-posti malli, mida saate kasutada oma uuenduste meilikampaaniate loomisel.

PMI uuendamise e-posti mall

Mis on uuenduse e-kirjad?

Uuendusmeilid on automaatsed sõnumid, mis saadetakse olemasolevatele klientidele, et tuletada neile meelde, et nende liikmelisus või tellimus on aegumas ning kutsuda neid üles tegutsema. Seda tüüpi e-kirju kasutatakse tavaliselt tellimuspõhiste teenuste ja korduvate maksetega toodete jaoks.

Uuendusmeilid toimivad kõige paremini siis, kui need saadetakse laiemate kampaaniate osana. Tavaliselt võivad uuendamise meeldetuletusmeilide seeriad sisaldada ühte või mitut e-kirja enne tellimuse lõppemist, aegumispäeva e-kirja ja järelmeili pärast liikmestaatuse lõppu, et julgustada kasutajaid veel kord uuendama.

uuendamise e-posti mall Blizzardilt

Uuendamise e-kirjade teemaridade näited

  • [Nimi], Te ei uuendanud oma liikmelisust — veel ei ole liiga hilja!
  • Teie [Ettevõte] Pro konto aegub peagi
  • [Nimi], Teie liikmelisus on aegumas!
  • Teie ligipääs [Tootele/Teenusele] aegub 15 päeva pärast
  • Teie [Toote/Teenuse] konto uueneb sel nädalal
  • Oh ei, Teie liikmelisus on aegumas!
  • 1 nädal enne Teie tellimuse aegumist
  • 5 päeva enne automaatset uuendamist
  • Teie kontol on vaid 3 päeva jäänud
  • Uuendage oma [Ettevõtte] liikemlisust varakult ning säästke 10%!
  • Uuendage kohe – Teie spetsiaalne pakkumine lõpeb täna!
  • Uuendage kohe ning saage üks kuu tasuta
  • 30% allahindlus tavahinnale kui uuendate kohe
  • Veel üks aasta preemiaid võib olla sinu oma
  • Viimane üleskutse Teie liikmelisuse uuendamiseks
  • [Nimi], ärge kaotage oma väärisasju!
  • [Nimi], tahaksime Teid tagasi!
  • Aitäh [Nimi] kõigi toredate koos oldud aastate eest!

10 uuendamise e-posti malli

Varajase liikmestaatuse meeldetuletusmeil (90 päeva enne uuendamise kuupäeva)

Hi [Name],

Thank you for being a part of our [Company] community. Can you believe that it’s been 9 months since you first joined? We hope you’ve been able to enjoy all the benefits of your [Company] membership these past months.

Great news! To close our 10th anniversary year, we’re running a one-time early renewal offer for all current members. Renew your membership between now and [date] and get [details of the offer].


If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email] or [phone] to see how we can meet your needs. We’d love to hear your feedback!


Liikmelisus aegub peagi meeldetuletusmeilil (15 päeva enne uuendamise kuupäeva)

Hi [Name],

Your membership at [Company] is about to expire on [date]. We hope you’ve enjoyed [benefits of your membership].

Good news! There’s still time to renew, and it’s as easy as ever – just click the link below, pick the subscription that suits your needs and follow the prompts.


More good news! This year we have an extra incentive – if you renew your membership by [date], you will be entered into a drawing for a [offering]!

If you have any questions regarding your membership, benefits, or renewal, please don’t hesitate to reach out by replying to this email or calling us at [number].


Viimase üleskutse liikmelisuse uuendamiseks meeldetuletusmeil (24 tundi enne uuendamise kuupäeva)

Hey [Name],

Last call! Your yearly subscription expires in 24 hours. Renew today before your benefits and online access are suspended. If you don’t renew your subscription within 24 hours, you will miss out on [major benefits].


If you have any questions regarding the renewal process or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email/ phone number].


Liikmelisuse aegumise päeva e-kiri

Hi [Name],

It’s been a year since we first met you, and we’re looking forward to many more years! Did you know that your [Company] membership expires today? Don’t miss out on all the exciting things [Company] has to offer for premium members!

The good news is, there’s still time to renew your subscription.

Click here [renewal URL], and follow the prompts.
Call us at [phone number] and we’ll renew your membership over the phone with a credit card.

Make sure to let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


Hüvedele keskendunud uuendamise meeldetuletusmeil

Cheers to The Past 12 Months! Here’s to The Next 12 …


It’s amazing – you’ve now officially been with [Company] for one year! Though your subscription is coming to an end – we hope that you’ll join us for the next year and beyond.

Renewing your membership by [date] means you can keep enjoying access to all the amazing benefits of [Company’s membership] like:

[Membership benefit 1]
[Membership benefit 2]
[Membership benefit 3]
[Membership benefit 4]

You have only [number] days left. But why wait? Save yourself a hassle and renew now – all you need to do is click on the button below and follow two easy steps.


We’re excited to have you back!

Pikendamise eripakkumise meil

Your [Company] Yearly Membership period is approaching!

Hi [Name],

We hope you have been enjoying the benefits of your [Company] membership these past months. As a loyal [Company] member, we have a special offer just for you!

Renew your membership by [date] and you will save 10% OFF the regular price. This offer is only valid through [date]. Act now and save!


If you choose not to renew early, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the regular price of [amount] on [date].

As always, if you have any questions or issues, make sure to check out our Help Center, or feel free to reach us at [email], [live chat], or [number].


Järelmeil pärast liikmelisuse aegumist

Hi [Name],

This is a reminder that your membership with [Company] expired on [date] and you are now within your membership grace period.

If you’re still deciding whether or not to renew, or just haven’t gotten around to it yet, here’s a quick overview of what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t renew:

[Overview of major membership benefits]

We hope you will take the time to renew your membership and remain a part of our community. It couldn’t be easier – just click here to renew!

If you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help – please don’t hesitate to reach out.


B2B tellimuse uuendamise meeldetuletusmeil

Hey [Name],

Thank you for using [Product/Service] for the past [year] – we love having you as our customer.

I noticed that your annual subscription is expiring in two weeks, so I thought I’d check-in. If you want to continue taking advantage of our [features/ platform/ products] and retain all your data and preferences, you can easily renew by going to this page.

If you’re weighing your options, I’d love to chat further with you to help you come to a decision. If you’d like to upgrade or downgrade your plan, we can discuss that as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


B2B automaatne uuendamise meeldetuletusmeil

Hi [Name],

Thank you for using [Product/ Service] for the past year!

We wanted to remind you that you’ve chosen the automatic renewal option. Your subscription will be renewed for [amount] on [date]. If you wish to stick to your current plan, no action is required. If your billing information has changed, you can update your payment details here.

Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring your [Product/ Service] experience is first-rate. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, simply reply to this email and we’ll get back to you with a prompt response.


B2B tellimuse aegumise järelmeil

Hi [Name],

Thank you for using [Product/ Service] – we hope you enjoyed your experience. Just letting you know that your subscription expired yesterday and you won’t be able to [log in/use our service] anymore.

But it’s not too late! You can gain immediate access to all your saved data and preferences by renewing your subscription here. And what’s more, if you renew within the next 10 days, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our one-time 10% discount for returning customers.

If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email, contact our live chat support or check out our FAQ page.

We’ll be happy to have you back!

Uuendamise meil – korduma kippuvad küsimused

Mis on uuendamise meeldetuletus?

Uuendamise meeldetuletus on e-kiri, mis saadetakse umbes 30 päeva enne teenuse lõppemist. See saadetakse kõigile, kellel on LiveAgenti konto ja kes vajab uuendamist.

Kuidas julgustada liikmelisuse uuendamist?

Kui soovite julgustada oma liikmeid liikmelisust uuendama, võite alustada liikmesuse uuendamise allahindluse pakkumisega. Liikmetele võib see olla suureks tõukeks teha viimane samm ja protsess lõpule viia.

Kuidas kirjutada liikmelisuse uuendamise kirja?

Liikmelisuse uuendamise kiri peaks esmalt tänama klienti tema liikmelisuse eest ja küsima, kas ta soovib seda veel üheks aastaks pikendada. Selgitage, et nende tellimus lõpeb peagi ja vajate nende uuendamist järgmise kahe nädala jooksul, vastasel juhul peate nende tellimuse tühistama.

Proovige LiveAgenti juba täna​

Me pakume portjee migratsiooniteenuseid enamikest populaarsetest klienditoe lahendustest.

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Tagasi Mallide juurde Looge konto TASUTA

Meie veebileht kasutab küpsiseid. Jätkates eeldame Teie luba küpsiste paigaldamiseks, nagu on üksikasjalikult kirjeldatud meie privaatsuse ja küpsiste poliitika.

Plaanige üks-ühele kõne ja avastage, kuidas LiveAgent Teie ettevõttele kasulik võib olla.

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